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Byron Bay’s divisive ‘phallic’ sculpture yet to penetrate the hearts of locals

Steve Price

Australia is home to some unique street sculptures.

Some good, some not to so good.

The residents of Byron Bay are squirming over a new $55,000, 12-metre high sculpture from a Melbourne artist, intended to represent Byron Bay’s iconic lighthouse.

“If you’ve already got the lighthouse, I don’t know why you need to replicate it,” say Steve Price.

It’s been described by locals as a “disco dong” and a “seaside shaft”.

And it’s divided the community.

Below is the artist’s impression of the sculpture.

This is what it actually looks like.

Byron Shire Councillor Sarah Ndiaye tells Steve “there are aspects of it that are really beautiful… there are others I’m less a fan of”.

“But I think any public art that generates this much discussion is certainly doing its job.”

Ms Ndiaye say when the sculpture was first put up, “it did, unfortunately, take on a lot of extra names”.

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Steve Price