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Brooke Satchwell’s latest character falls for a mysterious killer

Ray Shoesmith is a doting father and a returned war veteran with a strong moral compass.

He only likes toasted sandwiches and is an ordinary Aussie bloke trying to make the best with the cards he’s been dealt.

He also happens to be a hitman.

The character Ray Shoesmith was created by Scott Ryan 14 years ago for the feature film The Magician and the mysterious hitman is now coming to our small screens.

Scott stars as Ray, alongside beloved Australian actress Brooke Satchwell, in the six-part Australian dark comedy series Mr Inbetween, which airs on Fox Showcase on October 1.

When asked how you could possibly fall in love with a hitman, Brooke tells Chris Smith her character finds something special in Ray’s heart.

“This is a man that makes decisions in the best interests of the people he loves or the people that he’s working for, so there’s an integrity here.”

Scott tells Chris he came up with the idea of the character, all those years ago, while doing a bit of reading.

“There was a book Contract Killer that I read years ago and it was like a biography that this guy had written from jail and he used to kill people.

“I read that and I thought… that’s interesting kind of character and that’s basically where the idea came from.”

Mr Inbetween has already hit major success in the US and will hit our screens on Fox Showcase tonight at 8:30pm.

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