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Brad Fittler wouldn’t select fined trio for Origin if series was played now

The NRL has been accused of going easy on the players that breached social distancing rules.

Rugby league legend and Blues coach Brad Fittler told Mark Levy he was disappointed in the behaviour of Latrell Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Nathan Cleary and the content which appeared on social media.

“It’s very hard to put old heads on young shoulders.

“I was at a stage where I thought the game had matured to the stage where I thought everyone was doing the right thing… it was just too long.

“What are they thinking, how stupid are people? Why on earth do you need to get recognition out of phones? It’s crazy.”

When asked if he had to pick his team now if he would select them for State of Origin, Fittler said that wouldn’t be the case.

“If we were picking the team right now, no definitely not.

“We made a point a couple of years ago, everything is taken into consideration.

“They need to understand they’ve put everyone under pressure and that’s why sometimes it’s easier just to say, you know what, go and have a rest, see what you can do for your club.

“I wipe nothing out because a lot can happen in six months.”


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Image: Getty/Matt King