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Brad Fittler slams ‘stupid phones’ as a bigger issue than coronavirus

The NRL has de-registered Canterbury Bulldogs players Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera over their off-field behaviour earlier this year.

The pair were allegedly involved with high school girls during a pre-season trip to Port Macquarie.

Rugby legend and Blues coach Brad Fittler tells Mark Levy he isn’t surprised by the punishment.

“I think everyone thought this was going to be the outcome. I think it’s fair.”

Fittler says mobile phones are a significant problem in the NRL and society and need to be addressed.

“There are bigger issues than corona. There’s much more people dying of suicide and all sorts of anxiety-related issues than they are of corona, but no one talks about it and so many of them are related to stupid phones.”

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Image: Getty Images/Cameron Spencer