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Boxing Day sales starting early

Australian retailers are getting a jump on the Boxing Day sales, offering big pre-Christmas discounts.

Chris Smith speaks with CEO of the Australian Retailers Association Russell Zimmerman about why customers are seeing early savings.

“Retailers need to get cash into their business and so a lot are starting to put ‘attractions’ and ‘come-ons’ into their stores.

“So what we’re seeing is targeted discounting. Now that’s against what you see at Boxing Day when you see stores going across the board with almost everything on discount.

“So maybe a particular item or brand is discounted for a period of time.

“It’s just to try and get the customers in, to get them to spend money on that and then hopefully on something else as well, which probably isn’t on sale.

As for online sales…

“I think the arrival of Amazon has reawakened the interest in online.”

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