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Boxing champ Jeff Horn releases autobiography

Australian boxer Jeff Horn has released an autobiography detailing his rise from bullied schoolboy to champion of the world. 

On July 2nd the former Brisbane schoolteacher made history, beating boxing legend Manny Pacquiao to claim the WBO welterweight world title.

But it was a long journey to the top, that started with horrific schoolyard bullying as a child.

2GB Breakfast host Alan Jones delved into the struggles that forced Horn to learn self-defense.

“On one occasion 30 large boys confronted you after school and ordered you to get on your knees to teach you a lesson. You refused, so one of them slapped you across the face as hard as he could. You had suicidal thoughts?”

“Yep. Some of it probably does still happen which is unfortunate, but I think it’s a lot more looked at [in schools] these days.”

The Hornet: My Journey From Bullied Schoolboy to World Champion is in stores now.

Listen to the full interview below, including the moment Jeff Horn beat Manny Pacquiao