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Bob Katter: Parliament has become a ‘soap opera’

Bob Katter, leader of Katter’s Australian Party and former National Party member, slams parliament for becoming a “reality TV show”.

Mr Katter tells Ross Greenwood the Barnaby Joyce saga has distracted from real issues.

“There hasn’t been a substantive matter debated or dealt with.

“And now we have this soap opera which will go on and on. There’s two or three months left in it yet.”

Mr Katter says he’s conflicted about whether Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce should step down.

“I have a conflict here. He’s innocent of everything except having it off with one of his staff. I really don’t think you should do that.

“If you’re having an affair…your mind’s not on the job. It’s on something else.

“If I had a vote I would vote for him to stay there because at least he has the principles of the old Country Party.

Mr Katter also comments on whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will take the government to the next election.

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