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‘Bloody angry’: Opal Tower builder says residents can return to cracked building

Some residents of the troubled Opal Tower at Sydney Olympic Park are being told they will be able to return home this weekend.

Cracks first appeared on Christmas Eve, forcing residents to evacuate.

The builder, Icon, has released a statement saying a significant proportion of the apartments would be ready for residents to return to.

An interim report is being handed to the state government this afternoon and will be made public over coming days.

But the state government is being accused of a lack of transparency, with reports claiming it made a profit of almost $48 million from the sale of the high-rise.

Ex-strata manager and Opal Tower resident Andrew Neverly tells Ross Greenwood says he’s not happy to return to the tower at this stage.

“We’re being left in the dark completely.

“I’m totally dissatisfied and bloody angry.”

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