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Billy Slater calls NRL multi-million dollar rescue ‘a huge win for the players’

The NRL announced a $40 million rescue package to help all 16 clubs survive with monthly payments between April and October that will cover its operating costs.

The NRL will also aim to significantly reduce its operating costs, dropping staff levels during the shutdown period and executives will a 25% pay cut.

Rugby League legend Billy Slater tells Mark Levy the new package is great.

“Finally we get a bit of certainty in an uncertain environment. The NRL have jumped on the front foot and put this package together, which is a great package.”

He says the players will also be really happy to be receiving 50% of their pay.

“They’ve been paid five months in full, so they’re still going to get three-quarters of their wage in 2020. I think that’s a huge win for the players.”

Slater also supports the idea of going back to one referee.

“I like the one referee, I think the decisions are more consistent.

“You’re only getting one person’s interpretation of the whole game.

“Maybe even there’s no video ref, go back to the old days where you get some excitement in the game and we can talk about the bad decisions.”

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Image: Getty/Ian Hitchcock