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Big Guns unleash on Palmer debacle: ‘This is a bloke who’s a hated figure, and he should be’

Clive Palmer is making his return to politics, unveiling his new-look United Australia Party.

Embattled Senator Brian Burston has come on board after a public falling out with his former leader, One Nation’s Pauline Hanson.

The Big Guns Graham Richardson and Andrew Bolt aren’t supporting Palmer’s return to Canberra, and they’re not pulling any punches.

“This is a bloke who’s a hated figure, and he should be,” Richo tells Ben Fordham.

“He left a thousand people in the lurch in Townsville. A thousand.”

Andrew says the revival of Palmer’s political career is “just crazy stuff”.

“If just makes parliament look even more of a clown show than it, unfortunately, has been.”

The Big Guns have also weighed on the latest Newspoll results which saw Malcolm Turnbull suffer his 34th consecutive loss.

But Richo isn’t calling an election winner just yet.

“Ask me after the by-election.”

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