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Big Guns: Shorten’s $19 million compensation fund is ‘no guarantee’

Bill Shorten has promised to establish a compensation fund for survivors of the Stolen Generations if Labor is voted into government.

This follows on from the Closing the Gap report.

Mr Shorten’s $19 million scheme would be comprised of $9 million compensation for survivors along with another $10 million to establish a national healing fund.

Andrew Bolt tells Ben Fordham the compensation fund is problematic.

“This is what you do when you can’t actually get any practical achievements.

“The problem with this idea of compensation… is this, we actually had a very expensive federal court hearing in 2000 into the stolen generations in the Northern Territory.”

Graham Richardson also weighs in.

“It’s throwing money at the problem and there’s no guarantee anything gets fixed by doing so.”

Graham and Andrew also comment the on-going drama surrounded Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion.

“They could’ve found a job for her in the private sector really easily.”

Andrew Bolt tells Ben this is the sickest joke of all.

“You cannot hire your wife or partner or get your mate in the next office to hire them for you.”

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