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Big Guns: ‘It’s all over’ as final Newspoll results for the year are released

The final Newspoll of the year has not delivered an early Christmas present for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The Opposition retains a 10 point lead over the government after preferences, and the results come less than six months ahead of the next federal election.

The only bright spot for the Coalition is that Scott Morrison remains preferred Prime Minister, but support for Bill Shorten has also increased slightly.

Graham Richardson says “people have stopped believing in miracles”.

“I don’t think there’ll be one,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“Bill Shorten has been going to fall over for the last five years but hasn’t, and won’t.

“I don’t believe it’s possible for Scott Morrison to win”.

And Andrew Bolt agrees, saying, “it’s all over”.

“I thought the Liberals were marching to their doom,” he tells Ben.

“They hope that Scott Morrison might’ve pulled a rabbit out of the hat. He might’ve if they’d given him the chance but you see how Malcolm Turnbull has done his best to destroy his chances.”

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