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Big business and unions join forces to oppose migration cut

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Australia’s population growth is back on the agenda with big business and unions lobbying the government to leave migration levels as they are.

The Australian Council or Trade Unions and the Australian Industry Group are releasing a document warning of the economic and social consequences of reducing the migration intake.

President of the Australian Population Research Institue Dr Bob Birrell says the move is “ominous”.

“This move is ominous for future political debate on the migration issue because what it’s doing is cementing the trade union movement in with the federal Labor Party, which is already strongly endorsing higher migration.”

Dr Birrell says the benefits of a population spike don’t outweigh the costs.

“All these extra people don’t really have any significant connection with making Australia more competitive in international markets.

“It’s a cost rather than a contribution to the economy.”

Chris Smith is calling out the move as “selfish”.

“Yes, of course, business needs more mouths to feed because the greater consumer demand there is, they benefit from the profit.

“But in the meantime, the chase for homes, the chase for infrastructure, public transport, cars… gets bigger and bigger and we can’t service that demand.”

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