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Ben Fordham takes Minister to task over counter terrorism hold-up

Things certainly got heated this afternoon.

Ben Fordham has taken NSW Counter-Terrorism Minister David Elliott to task as laws allowing the military to help with terrorism threats are still not operational, 10 months after they were announced.

Defence Minister Marise Payne has been blamed for drawing out the process by engaging in significant legal consultation, and the Counter-Terrorism Minister says he’s “comfortable with the current arrangements”.

But it’s been revealed exclusively on Sydney Live it’s the New South Wales government behind the wait.

It’s been a year since the coroner handed down his report into the Lindt Cafe siege and Ben’s not copping the hold-up.

Minister, “This is not something that we can just wake up in the morning and say change has to be made.”

Ben, “There’s a bit of room between 24 hours and 10 months Minister, and you know it. When’s it going to be sorted?”

Minister, “The Minister for Defence Marise Payne has made it very clear that the legislation, the regulations will be announced very, very shortly.”

Ben didn’t let up, pushing for a date.

“When are we going to get it right David Elliott? You tell me. Is it next month? Is it going to be next year? Because there could be another Lindt Cafe siege tomorrow.”

“Ben, I can only quote the Defence Minister and she has made it very clear that an announcement will be made shortly,” the Minister says.

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