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Ben Fordham challenges mayor over PC city name change

Ben Fordham has challenged Hobart’s Lord Mayor on his push to change the name of Tasmania’s capital city.

Local indigenous groups have called for the name Hobart to be scrapped in favour of ‘Nipaluna’ and Lord Mayor Ron Christie is throwing his full support behind the change.

Mr Christie says he’d like to see Hobart adopt a dual name and eventually see the city’s original name phased out in favour of the Aboriginal title.

He’s even started referring to himself as the Mayor of Nipaluna.

Ben Fordham has confronted the Lord Mayor over the politically correct decision.

Ben, “Hobart is Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney. Why would you throw that away? Why would you want to suggest throwing that away?”

Mayor Christie, “We’re not throwing the name Hobart away, Ben. We’re keeping that. It’s dual naming.

“Just like Uluru… how many people says Ayres Rock these days?”

Mr Christie says the reform is supported by the majority of the community and is a “no brainer”.

He’s even suggested other Australian cities make a change.

“It’s time that perhaps Sydney looked at having a dual name. Why does Hobart have to lead the charge?”

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