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Ben Fordham calls out Minister’s disgruntled staff member

Ben Fordham is calling out a Minister’s staff member after they incorrectly claimed they hadn’t been told a background conversation would be quoted on-air.

This afternoon, Ben reported NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey intends to sign-off on an exemption to a rule relating to electric scooters.

As it stands, they can only be ridden on private property because they can’t be registered as a vehicle.

But Ms Pavey intends to sign-off on an exemption to that rule in January, as Lime scooters look to enter the Sydney market.

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But a member of Ms Pavey’s office wasn’t happy with what went to air.

Ben received a note from a representative of Ms Pavey’s office that said, “If you’re going to quote the background conversations I have with your staff on-air, please advise me in future.”

Ben is calling them out.

A member of Ben’s team had contacted the same spokesperson, advising them they’d be reporting on the issue, before the show started.

“Just confirming we will be reporting that ‘The minister will be signing off on an exemption’ to the scooter registration rule for Lime.”

They replied with, “Yes but also we don’t have it in front of us yet but the intention is to sign it yes”.

“Don’t go telling us that we are reporting background conversations on-air without permission,” says Ben.

“On this case, we went to the trouble of letting you know, in advance, in writing, exactly what we would be reporting.

“Not only did we let you know, you confirmed that in writing.”

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