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Ben Fordham and Samantha Jade join forces for a good cause

Some of our country’s famous faces will be uniting this week in an effort to raise money for youth cancer centres.

The Sony Foundation is hosting Wharf4Ward this Thursday to raise money for their ‘You Can’ youth cancer program.

‘You Can’ aims to provide age-appropriate youth cancer centres and services around Australia, especially for teens who often feel left out of speciality programs for children and adults.

Samantha Jade will be performing at the event, while Ben Fordham will be one of the hosts of the day.

She tells Ben the work these centres do for teenagers is second to none.

“I also spoke to some of the kids and they were saying ‘we already feel kind of isolated at our age having something like cancer because it changes everything in our life’.

“So they put in video games and they put in magazines for the girls and little fun makeup treatments. Things that they could do to feel like they were still part of a group.”

She’s even challenged Ben to learn the choreography to her new song, Bounce, in preparation for the big day!

“We’re going to make it like a really big dance party and just kind of lift everybody’s spirits on the day.”

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