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Barnaby Joyce unleashes on Malcolm Turnbull for trying to wreck the government

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Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has launched a sensational attack against Malcolm Turnbull, saying he is deliberately trying to bring down the government he once led.

His comments come after Mr Turnbull posted a late night tweet calling for the Home Affairs Minister to be referred to the High Court.

Mr Dutton’s eligibility to sit in parliament has been questioned due to his financial interest in two childcare centres which receive taxpayer funds.

Mr Turnbull took to social media from New York, urging his colleagues to clarify the issue by referring it to the high court.

Barnaby Joyce has taken aim at the former PM for reigniting the debate, telling Ben Fordham Mr Turnbull is deliberately trying to wreck the government.

“What is the purpose behind an individual deciding that their goal now in life is to bring down the government which they weren’t just a member of, they were the leader of?

“People say, ‘What was wrong with Malcolm Turnbull?’ I think we’re starting to find out.”

When asked whether Mr Turnbull is seeking revenge, Mr Joyce says “if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, you’ve got a pretty good chance of saying it’s a duck”.

The Member for New England is issuing a strong message to the nation’s former leader.

“Remember the great honour you had. Reflect on that and remember people are going to remember you, if you don’t watch out, not for what you did while Prime Minister but what you did when you left.”

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