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Barnaby Joyce loses support of WA Nationals

Macquarie National News

The leader of the Nationals party in Western Australia, Mia Davies, says Barnaby Joyce has lost the support of the state branch.

In a statement this afternoon, Ms Davies says Barnaby Joyce’s position as Nationals leader is untenable.

“Mr Joyce’s actions have caused pain for his family but it is the ongoing damage Mr Joyce is causing the Nationals organisation that is of greatest concern to me as WA Leader,” the statement said.

But Mr Joyce has already hit back after the statement was circulated to the media.

“It should also be said you don’t have a federal member of parliament in the Nationals party of Australia,” he says.

The saga embroiling Mr Joyce may drag on into next month, with all Nationals MPs unlikely to meet on Monday as expected.

Without the entire Nationals party room together, it’s unlikely Mr Joyce will face a challenge for the top job.

2GB political editor Michael Pachi tells Ben Fordham at this stage, there were no other front-runners with the numbers to support a leadership challenge.

“Essentially there will not be enough senators here for their to be a party room meeting,” he says.

“For there to be a leadership spill, challenge, someone would need to put their hand up this week and everyone would come to Canberra, and then the meeting would be held and the situation would be resolved.”

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