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Australia’s top detective reveals the secrets on how he’s cracked the toughest cases

He’s known as one of the nation’s best homicide detectives.

In 99 per cent of his 320 cases, he’s put a murderer behind bars and with over 25 years in the homicide squad, he’s put more killers in jail than any other in the country.

“He’s a good cop,” says Ben Fordham.

Ron Iddles is now sharing the secrets to how he managed closes cases which had been considered cold for decades.

In the six-part series The Good Cop, Ron takes viewers through the most challenging cases including that of a 16-year-old Michelle Buckingham, whose body was found dumped on the side of the road in regional Victoria.

Another covers the murder of a six-year-old in her bed, just a few weeks before Christmas while another delves into the shooting of a mother in her own driveway, in front of her three children.

Ron says initially, he had to think about whether or not he would accept the offer.

“If the family were happy to be involved, I was happy,” he tells Ben.

“It gives an insight into homicide investigators, how we operator, how we think.”

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