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Australia’s least well-known international sporting star makes history

Jason Belmonte is probably Australia’s least well-known international sporting star.

But in the tenpin bowling world, he’s the equivalent to golf’s Tiger Woods.

Famous for his controversial two-handed bowling style, Jason has made tenpin bowling history after winning the Professional Bowlers Association World Championship in Detroit, Michigan.

This latest win makes it a record 11th PBA major title for the world number one.

Jason tells Chris Smith “I still haven’t come down from the high, to be honest”.

As Jason claimed the record-breaking win in the US his children watched on from their school in Australia.

Jason explains to Chris his two-handed ‘shovel’ style is thanks to his very early introduction to tenpin bowling.

“Because I started at such a young age the bowling ball was too heavy for me to use the traditional style.

“So I developed this kind of rugby-pass type style just out of necessity to carry the ball.”

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Image: Facebook/@belmofanpage