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Australian War Memorial to receive a $500-million facelift

The Australian War Memorial is getting a half-a-billion-dollar upgrade to better as part of a major expansion.

Close to $500 million will be spent upgrading the facility to better recognise Australia’s involvement in modern-day conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.

The redevelopment will take nine years, and will include a complete makeover of the underground exhibition hall.

The public will still be able to visit during that period.

But the architects behind Anzac Hall are urging the federal government to re-think its demolition, arguing it’s only 17-years-old and is still fit for purpose.

War Memorial Director Doctor Brendan Nelson says the heritage of the building will be preserved.

He tells Deborah Knight the most important aspect is sharing the stories of those involved.

“If that Vietnam generation had had their stories told earlier, broadly and deeper, then maybe some of them might not have suffered quite as much.

“That’s what it’s about.”

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Deborah Knight