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Australian state considering ‘dangerous’ gender change

Tasmania could become to first Australian state to remove gender from birth certificates.

The state’s Liberal government has proposed changes to a law, which would remove the need for transgender people to get a divorce before they can change their gender status on official documents.

The amendments are supported by Labor and the Greens.

But they’re pushing for changes to go further, and it could see gender completely removed from birth certificates.

Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University John Whitehall tells Ben Fordham it’s a “dangerous idea”.

“It increases the power of this radical gender ideology, this new phenomenon that’s sweeping the Western World.”

Professor Whitehall says being born without a gender would put more psychological pressure on young kids.

“Sooner or later this raises the question of asking a kid, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’

“At five years of age… they haven’t the foggiest idea.

“The problem is that if society, the parents and so forth, go along with the confusion then that heads the child to this medical pathway of treatment which is lifelong.”

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