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Australian barrister says current drug driving laws are ‘not fair’

Greg Barns, barrister and spokesman for the Australian Lawyers Alliance, says Australia’s drug driving laws aren’t evidence-based.

Mr Barns tells Mark Levy it’s not about what you have in your system but whether it impairs your driving.

“Drug driving laws simply criminalise anyone who has got a trace of a drug in their system, irrespective of whether or not that trace would cause impairment.

“We have evidence-based laws for drunk driving, we don’t have evidence-based laws for drug driving.”

Mark revealed methadone users can experience side effects of anxiety, nervousness and sleep problems while those who abuse the drug can experience seizures and hallucinations.

Mr Barns agreed if drivers are “impaired” by methadone, they shouldn’t be driving.

“If it impairs your driving then you shouldn’t be able to drive. It’s not about having something in your system, it’s about whether it impairs your driving.

“If a person was impaired as a result of using methadone they shouldn’t be on the road.”

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