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Aussie sporting great Mat Rogers champions cause close to his heart

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Mat Rogers may be one of Australia’s sporting greats, but these days his passion is promoting a cause close to his heart.

The dual international is asking Aussies to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution of unpaid carers for National Carers Week.

Mat knows what it’s like to act as a carer for someone you love. He and his wife Chloe are parents to Max, who is on the autism spectrum.

He tells Alan Jones although they were scared when their son was first diagnosed, they’ve received a lot of support and Max is doing well.

“It’s still not without challenges and there’s still certainly tough times but we’re really proud of all the work and effort he’s put in to get himself where he is.”

He also has some advice for other carers who may be struggling.

“In the early days, I got this message from one of our doctors that said ‘make sure you look after yourself, because if you’re no good then Max is not going to be any good at all’.

“I would say to those carers out there get in touch with your state body or get in touch with Carers Australia. There are mechanisms in place to give you support.

“And if you’re not a carer and you know one, give them a pat on the back and tell them how well they’re doing because it’s a pretty thankless job at times.”

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