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Mark Levy slams Anthony Mundine | ‘He’s nothing more than a racist’

Mark Levy doesn’t hold back, calling out Anthony Mundine’s racist comments against champion boxer Jeff Horn.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mundine claims Jeff Horn is only getting attention because he’s a “white boy”.

Mark Levy won’t have a bar of it.

“What a racist thing to say. This bloke wants to make out that he’s been discriminated against for his entire life?

“What he needs to get through his thick head is Jeff Horn achieved something he could never do, that’s secure a world boxing title against a credible opponent.

“Jeff Horn is more of a champion than Anthony Mundine will ever be.”

Mark says he is “sick to death” of hearing the boxer’s “garbage” opinions.

“He is irrelevant in the sport of boxing and his opinions don’t hold any weight anymore. The sooner he hangs up the gloves, the better.

“In my opinion, Anthony Mundine is nothing more than a racist.”

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