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Andrew Bolt: ‘This is Malcolm Turnbull’s fightback moment’

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Labor hasn’t confirmed if they’ll compensate hard-working pensioners impacted by their new tax policy.

Their plan will wind back a key aspect of superannuation policy brought in by the Howard government allowing people to reclaim parts of their tax.

It’s suspected the move would affect more than 600,000 people on low incomes.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith the Labor Party is vulnerable and now is the Prime Minister’s time to strike.

“Right now, Labor is vulnerable.

“This is Malcolm Turnbull’s fightback moment.

“With this proposal, he’s going to get $59 billion over 10 years that he can promise away and spend.”

Andrew says Labor would have a “massive war chest of money” the government doesn’t have.

“He can make a lot of promises and that includes compensation for pensioners.”

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