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Andrew Bolt: China’s ‘aggression and power’ a real concern

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has conceded there are tensions with China amidst claims its refusing visas to our Ministers.

It’s understood China is disgruntled after foreign interference laws were introduced into Australian parliament last year.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith it’s “clearly a hostile act”.

“If any country wants a good relationship with another country, they don’t start sitting on the visa applications of that country’s ministers,” Andrew says.

“How ironic for a country to demonstrate its displeasure with a law against foreign interference by interfering like this.

“If China doesn’t think it’s… interfering with our domestic politics, then why would it be upset?

“How stupid of it to demonstrate its unhappiness by doing something this blockheaded.”

Andrew says we should be concerned as China’s global influence continues to grow.

“It’s one more sign of…  this rising aggression and power of China that should really concern us.”

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