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Andrew Bolt calls out Treasurer’s migration comments

Andrew Bolt says the public wants a debate on immigration.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has said Australia’s permanent migration intake is relatively unchanged and a cut to migration would hurt the budget’s bottom line.

Andrew points out flaws in the Treasurer’s arguments.

“Scott Morrison saying immigration hasn’t changed since Tony Abbott was there…these are the latest figures we’ve got.

“Australia’s net overseas migration for the year ending last June was 245,000 people. [That’s] an increase of 27% from the previous 12 months.

“How does Scott Morrison get away with saying this is the same now as it was then?”

Andrew says the Turnbull government needs to engage in a migration debate because the public are calling for one.

“Why would the government smash Tony Abbott just to quash the debate that people want to have. Why don’t you have the debate?”

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