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‘An absolute farce’: Pauline Hanson slams government for ‘lying’ about medevac laws

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson has accused the government of not acting quickly enough to repeal controversial medevac laws.

The laws, pushed through by Labor before the election, allow asylum seekers held in detention to be transferred to Australia if treating doctors deem it necessary.

Opponents of the law have argued the legislation is used by activist doctors to bring refugees into the country permanently.

It’s now been revealed only four of the 111 asylum seekers transferred to Australia under the laws have actually been admitted to hospital for treatment.

Senator Pauline Hanson tells Steve Price the government needs to do more to repeal the law to prevent people from taking advantage of it.

“The government lied to us… they haven’t been tough on it. 

“It’s an absolute farce, and the government, as far as I’m concerned, they’re weak about it.”

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Image: Getty/Bradley Kanaris