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Ambos under seige: Three officers allegedly attacked in 24 hours

Ben Fordham Exclusive
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Three ambulance officers were allegedly attacked within a 24-hour period at the weekend, Ben Fordham can exclusively reveal.

One paramedic was allegedly assaulted when attempting to revive a woman who had collapsed at Pontoon bar at midnight on Saturday.

Riot squad officers assisted at the scene and at St Vincent’s Hospital after a group of people with the 22-year-old woman became “agitated and aggressive”, police said in a statement.

NSW Ambulance Commissioner Dominic Morgan tells Ben Fordham it wasn’t an isolated incident, revealing another two paramedics have allegedly been assaulted in the past 24 hours.

Commissioner Morgan has confirmed that around 7.30pm on Sunday night, at a hotel in Erskineville, a cycle-paramedic was allegedly assaulted, abused and punched in the chest by an intoxicated female patient.

Later the same night, at 10.35pm, paramedics were transporting a mental health patient at Paddington, who allegedly became aggressive during transport throwing objects at the treating paramedic and yelling abuse.

Paramedics were forced to press their duress buttons and request urgent police back up for their own safety.

“I’ve just about had enough with the way our paramedics are being treated by some small elements of our community,” Mr Morgan tells Ben Fordham.

“They are going out, they’re doing their job, they’ve got a person in an immediate¬†life-threatening situation and they’ve got to make a decision to go put themselves in harm’s way… and they get attacked for it.”

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Commissioner Morgan says we need to stand with our paramedics.

“When that situation is kicking off, doing everything¬†reasonable to actually try and calm the situation down, rather than escalate it,” Mr Morgan tells Ben.

Ben Fordham Exclusive