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Amaysim ditches broadband offering, blames NBN for exorbitant prices

Ross Greenwood has consistently argued the NBN Co business model is flawed.

“Flawed for Australia for a whole lot of reasons,” he says.

So far, the government has spent the best part of $51 billion building the NBN, but at the end of all of it, it doesn’t even want to own it.

It wants to sell it off to private enterprise.

Ross says it’s hiked prices, which has left individuals and businesses “paying way too much for connection”.

In the last week, telecommunications provider Amaysim withdrew from the NBN, saying there’s no money it.

CEO Peter O’Connell tells Ross Greenwood, “the NBN is a long way off being finished”.

“We just can’t take that time, and there’ s no margin for us visible within three years.

“In fact, we forecast that we would lose $6.3 million on broadband this financial year, and a similar number next year.

Mr O’Connell says “nobody wins” because the prices are just too high.

“NBN’s winning because it’s got to pay off the debt to the government.”

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