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Alan’s 8.10 editorial 4.7.17

Electricity July 4 2017

I spoke briefly about this yesterday

I see a new analysis commissioned by the Minerals Council and the Coal21 Fund has found it would cost taxpayers less to build a high efficiency, so-called clean coal power plant than it currently costs to subsidise renewable energy projects

According to the analysis, it would cost a one-off $2.2 billion to deliver a Government-built HELE clean coal power plant compared to the $3 billion-a-year in subsidies Government hands out to renewable projects

A clean coal HELE plant would produce electricity for between $40 and $78 per megawatt hour

That is much cheaper than electricity produced by gas plants (which produce power at a cost of between $69 and $115 per megawatt hour) or solar power plants (which produce electricity at a cost of between $90 and $171 per megawatt hour)

Coal21 Chief Executive, Greg Evans, says rightly that HELE coal plants, which would have operating lives of several decades, are viable and affordable options to replace ageing coal-fired plants

He said “the report confirms that coal generation can deliver on the priorities of affordability, reliability and low emissions”

He said coal-fired power remained the “cheapest and most reliable energy source in Australia – available 24 hours a day, every day”

The Federal Government has botched energy policy

Construction of a HELE clean coal power plant is a no-brainer

This is a potential game-changer

Get shovels in the ground today