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Alan questions the Premier’s budget: Free hampers for mums but drought-crippled farmers only get loans

The Premier insists a cap on public sector wages has contributed to the state’s strong bottom line, rather than just the sale of assets.

The New South Wales budget has been handed down showing a $3.9-billion surplus this financial year.

20,000 government properties have been sold including 4,000 social housing properties and 380 Department of Education properties.

But Gladys Berijiklian tells Alan Jones the government isn’t just selling off assets to fix the budget bottom line.

“When we sell a property it’s to invest it in an area where we can get greater value and have more properties.

“We’ve built, or have under construction, 170 new or upgraded schools.

“What we’ve done is make sure we buy land where we need to and sometimes the department might own land it doesn’t need.

“We’d rather have that value go into building new schools, building new hospitals and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

The Premier has also been criticised for offering $157 million dollars in hampers to all new mums, regardless of how much they earn.

The handout is a slap in the face to farmers who have only been offered loans despite crippling drought across the state.

Alan tells the Ms Berejiklian it simply isn’t good enough.

“They don’t want loans, they’re in debt. It wouldn’t matter if it’s seven years, 10 years or 20 years.”

Alan also questions the Premier on the sale of critical infrastructure to foreign companies, apprenticeships and the impending Parramatta light rail.

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