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Alan Jones launches his staff member’s new single, a duet with Mark Vincent

Alan Jones has launched the latest single by his staff member Dan Mullins, a duet with Australian music royalty.

Dan has been working with Alan for more than 15 years and is known for his song Somewhere Along The Way (The Camino Song), released in 2018.

Now Dan has put out an album, Duende, featuring the song Perhaps Love, a duet with Australian tenor superstar Mark Vincent.

Dan and Mark met when Alan Jones took them to perform for drought and flood-ravaged farmers in northwestern Queensland.

They struck up a friendship and joined together to sing this version of John Denver and Placido Domingo’s 1981 hit.

The pair joined Alan Jones in the studio to launch the song and chat about Dan’s album Duende.

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You can order Dan’s album HERE

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Alan Jones launches new music by one of his staff