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Aged 50-74? Put your mind at rest – do the test

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If you’re aged 50-74, you will receive a free at-home bowel cancer screening test in the mail every two years.

Bowel cancer can happen at any age, but the risk is greater for men and women over the age of 50. It’s one of Australia’s biggest cancer killers, taking more lives each year than breast, prostate or skin cancer.

The Australian Government is serious about reducing these preventable deaths, which is why from 2020, the program will ensure all Australians aged 50-74 receive the test every two years. But sadly, not enough of us are participating in the program. Less than 42 per cent of Australians completed the test last year, which is a real waste.

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program sends you everything you need  – instructions, a flushable toilet liner, collection tube and stick, a sanitary zip lock bag and reply paid envelope. It may seem unappealing, but the kit makes getting the sample easy, quick and hygienic. Four easy steps that can detect the early stages of bowel cancer, when successful treatment is more likely.

When your 50th birthday present from the government arrives in your mailbox, don’t waste it. It could save your life. Find out if you’re eligible for the test and when it will arrive.

You have every reason to do the test and nothing to lose.  To find out more, visit