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ABC survey says it knows your social status… this caller proves it’s very wrong

Chris Smith isn’t ashamed to admit he loves a bit of Jimmy Barnes and flicking between Aussie TV shows.

An ABC survey is causing a stir, claiming the types of music and television you like reveals your social class.

Chris has labeled it a “load of bollocks” and is calling out its divisiveness.

“According to our taxpayer-funded ABC… being a very typical Australian makes you working class.

“Take a guess at who’s considered upper class? That’s right, those who listen and watch the ABC.”

The survey appears to be way off the mark, with listener Carolyn revealing she was gobsmacked by her result.

Carolyn, “I got upper-class.”

Chris, “How often do you go to the ballet?”

Carolyn, “Not very often because I can’t afford to go.

“I’m a low-income earner and I work part-time in retail!”

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