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‘A mental toughness we have rarely seen’: Ray on Cronk’s grand final performance

“I’ve been calling grand finals for 32 years, but I have never encountered anything like the performance of Copper Cronk last night,” says Ray Hadley.

The Roosters took out Sunday’s NRL Grand Final with a clinical win, 21-6, over Melbourne Strom.

The club’s Cooper Cronk is being hailed a hero for playing the entire game with a fractured shoulder blade, and injury that almost saw him not play at all.

“You see, it’s one thing to be injured in the match. And you talk about great players and the most notable is Johnny Sattler, way, way back when he fractured his jaw playing for South Sydney and battled on courageously,” says Ray.

“It’s one thing to be injured in the match and battle on, but take a broken shoulder into a game is beyond anyone’s belief.

“Just incredible. An absolutely incredible performance by an incredible player with a mental toughness we have rarely seen.”

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But Ray points out it was a major team effort to seal the tri-colours’ 14th premiership.

“There wasn’t one Roosters player who didn’t contribute.

“But I think we need to pay a compliment to the coach as well.

“Trent Robinson, he made the decision in concert with his most experienced player Cooper Cronk that he would play.”