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16 criminals manage to remove steel electronic monitoring anklets in NSW

16 offenders have removed their electronic monitoring anklets in New South Wales in the past five years.

The Daily Telegraph revealed the criminals include two sex offenders, 12 domestic violence offenders and a double murderer.

They were all rearrested and had their parole revoked after an alarm was triggered when their Kevlar-steel anklet was removed.

NSW Corrections Minister Anthony Roberts tells John Stanley the numbers actually prove the system is working.

“These bracelets work, they’ve been proven to work. The monitoring program has been successful not just here in reducing reoffending, but also overseas.”

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Peter Severin, Commissioner of Corrective Services NSW tells Luke Grant the electronic anklets are made out of sturdy materials are very hard to take off.

“The actual strap and device itself has a triple system built in that warns us of any manipulation, of any attempt to actually breach it and sets off an immediate alarm.

“They’re totally waterproof, they have to be recharged regularly. Even if a charge is getting low we know about that and we would then notify the offender that they have… to recharge it.

“Electronic monitoring is actually a significant enhancement of community safety.”

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Image: Getty/Jennifer Smith