7:34am September 26

Former federal MP Craig Thomson back in the spotlight

10:36pm September 25

Rev. Bill is joined by Ian Day of the Council of Ageing to discuss the ideas of retirement and issues that face the elderly.

9:19pm September 25

Rev. Crews is joined by John Falzon, CEO of the St. Vincent De Paul Society National Council of Australia to discuss the governments proposed welfare reform.

9:10pm September 25

Rev. Bill gives his opening remarks on this Sunday, September 25th.

7:57pm September 25

Listen to the full show with Natalie and Michael

7:39pm September 25

Clubs NSW CEO Anthony Ball is calling for extraordinary nominations 

12:20pm September 24

Sharks fans Treasurer Scott Morrison & Big Marn join Luke.

12:01pm September 24

Listen to the full show podcast of Saturday Mornings with Luke Grant, September 24.

11:59pm September 23

Listen to the full show podcast of Nights with Neil Breen

10:40pm September 23

Neil Breen is joined by Macquarie Radio Political Editor Michael Pachi about the latest in Federal Politics

3:18pm September 23

Listen to the full Chris Smith Show with Luke Grant from September 23

12:08pm September 23

Ray Hadley Highlights Sept 23

12:06pm September 23

Ray Hadley Full Show Sept 23

9:29am September 23

Alan Jones Full Show, 23rd of September, 2016

- Anne Gardner- fighting the wind power industry

- Natalie Hazlewood and Michelle Daley, liver transplant patients discuss the 15th annual transplant games starting on Sunday

7:00am September 23

The UK Report - 23rd of September, 2016 

11:57pm September 22

Listen to the Steve Price Full Show Podcast for Thursday September 22.

10:50pm September 22

Steve Price is joined by Christopher Zinn from the FiftyUp Club to discuss the price of health insurance. 

10:50pm September 22

Steve Price is joined by the Courier Mail's Steve Wardill to discuss the latest in QLD State Politics. 

10:16pm September 22

Steve Price is joined by the Daily Telegraph's Andrew Clennell to discuss the latest in NSW Politics. 

9:57pm September 22

Steve is joined by Heidi Armstrong from Liberty Financial to talk all things small business.

This week Steve and Heidi are joined by special guest - 

Kerry Anderson  - Businesswoman and community advocate from Central Victoria. 


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