8:02pm June 26

Listen to the full show with Natalie Peters

7:23pm June 26

Monarchist Professor David Flint responds to calls for an Australian Republic in the wake of Brexit

6:46pm June 26

Michael Pachi checks in ahead of the final week of the campaign trail

11:55pm June 24

Listen to the Neil Breen Full Show Podcast for Friday June 24

10:57pm June 24

Neil Breen is joined by Macquarie Radio's Federal Politcal Editor Michael Pachi to discuss the latest in news and politics. 

10:41pm June 24

Neil Breen is joined by Macquarie Media's Ross Greenwood to discuss the economic impact that Brexit will have on the Australian market. 

10:34pm June 24

Neil Breen is joined by The Australian High Commissioner to The United Kingdom  Alexander Downer to discuss the United Kingdom people's choice to Brexit. 

7:07pm June 24

Join Mark Levy for a weekly roundup of sport. This week, Talking League with Mark Riddell, Wimbeldon preview with Craig Gabriel and Christian Nicolussi with The Scoop.

5:47pm June 24

Ben speaks to Suzanne Evans, vote leave board member.

5:44pm June 24

Leigh Richardson says Londoners are in shock.

5:29pm June 24

David Cameron resigns in the wake of the Brexit vote

4:50pm June 24

Federal MPs react to the UK leaving the EU.

4:45pm June 24

UK Labour MP Catherine West speaks to Ben.

4:39pm June 24

Former NSW Kristina Keneally joins Ben

4:35pm June 24

LBC Reporter Jim Diamond says the UK is in shock.

3:00pm June 24

Listen to the full Chris Smith Show with Luke Grant from June 23

1:37pm June 24

Luke speaks with Simon Benson from The Daily Telegraph.



12:17pm June 24

Ray Hadley Highlights June 24

12:16pm June 24

Ray Hadley Full Show June 24

9:48am June 24

Listen to the full show podcast with Chris Smith  for June 24


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