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Ross Greenwood speaks to Martin North from Digital Finance Analytics about mortgage stress

Ross Greenwood speaks to Senator Bill Heffernan about Clive Palmer’s successful attempt to create a senate inquiry  into the current Queensland government. 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Justin Sweeney the brother of Mitchell Sweeney who was electrocuted installing roof insulation after Tony Abbott confirms the families of the victims will be compensated

Alan talks to the industrial relations consultant about collusion between unions and employer groups

Listen to the full show podcast

Ross Greenwood speaks to Finance Minister Mathias Corman about the sale of Medibank

Ross Greenwood speaks to Hedley Thomas from The Australian about Clive Palmer’s battle with Citic Pacific

Ross Greenwood speaks to the Vice President of the AMA Dr Steve Parnis about the Medibank Private IPO

Alan talks to the national secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union about a  gas reservation policy that’s being launched today

IT Financial Services help sort out your financial needs

Ross Greenwood is joined by Peter Switzer.

Join Ross Greenwood, Australia's most respected financial commentator, for Sunday Business. Ross will speak with experts in the key fields that affect small business owners

Kel Richards is joined by Danny Bielik thanks to Management Consultancy International to talk about Courses and Careers.

Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about life and technology

Ross Greenwood speaks to Chris Richardson about the blow out in the budget deficit

Ross Greenwood speaks to Andrew Willink from


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