Susie adds some interesting words of wisdom towards the end of the call.

Derryn discusses his views on "Mad Monday" celebrations and his call for a public sex offenders register.

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Dr Chris Brown chats to Ben LIVE at LIVE West End Mazda.

Chris – a finalist in The Voice Kids performs at LIVE West End Mazda.

Sarah Harris pops into to see Ben at Blacktown. 

Who are our best looking firefighters? 

Ruhi – star of the Voice Kids performs LIVE at West End Mazda Blacktown. 

Reverend Fred Nile joins Ben LIVE at West End Mazda.

Elaine Lee, the star of the iconic soap Number 96, has died at 75. 

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Andrew Bolt joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

Ross Greenwood speaks to the Managing Director of Woolworths about a new development in the supermarket price wars- white bread for 85 cents. 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about life and technology

Ross Greenwood speaks to the Pascal Saint-Amans the Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration about international tax avoidance

Ross Greenwood speaks to terrorism expert Greg Barton about the domestic terrorist threat 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Lebanese community leader Dr. Jamal Rifi about the raids today and protest at Lakemba


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