Listen to selected highlights from the Brian Wilshire show, September 2. 

Steve Price speaks to Babak Moini, who has recently donated $1,000,000 to his fiancee, Rochelle Collis' charity, and plans on getting $50,000,000 donated within 15 years.

Steve is joined each week by a doctor from the San Hospital, to discuss ilnesses and best ways to deal with it.

Andrew Bolt joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

Listen to the full show podcast

Ross Greenwood speaks with the CEO of Woolworths Grant O’Brien about their results

Ross Greenwood speaks to Kelly O’Dwyer the Chair of the House of Reps Economics Committee about foreign investment in real estate

Ross Greenwood speaks to Peter Stewart from the Home Insulation Group about the Royal Commission report into the Home Insulation Scheme

Listen to the full show of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham here.

Short dresses are IN! The SCG dress code has been brought into this century.

Rate payers are forking out MILLIONS for trivial perks. 

A couple has been rescued after becoming lost in the Blue Mountains.

Ben Fordham speaks to Andrew Bolt & Graham Richardson. 

The Sunday Telegraph’s Samantha Maiden has marked ‘Team Tony’.

Ben Fordham confronts Greens Leader about her stance on Iraq. 

Jack Nagle barely survived a crippling $500 a day ice addiction.

Bad news for smokers - the cost of cigarettes is going up.

A police officer was allegedly involved in a daylight bank robbery.

Taxpayers will no longer be subsidising these dirty dealers. 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison talks to Ray about Australia’s involvement in Iraq, new terror laws, MND fundraising and Labor’s election chances


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