Steve Price talks to Kate Swaffer, who has been diagnosed with early onset dementia, and continues to be an inspiration to many others who experience it.


Steve Price speaks to Alexis Donkan, from Channel 7 about a man that has lost parts from both arms in a shark attack on Esperance Beach in Western Australia. 

Steve Price is joined by Danny Bielik thanks to Management Consultancy International to talk about Courses and Careers.

Andrew Bolt joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

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Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about life and technology

Ross Greenwood speaks to Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer about high speed rail 

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Ross Greenwood speaks to Michael Vertigan the Chair of a review into the cost-benefit analysis of the NBN

Can Issac Luke go on the field after the Grand Final?

Throw away that nit comb.

HINT: It involves guns and feral animals.

What’s Clover Moore spending money on now?

Dr Andrew Rochford sets the record straight.

Ben Fordham gets an expert analysis of France’s burqa ban.

Sabrina Houssami has her say on the burqa.

Ben Fordham slams Federal Parliament’s new rules.

It could be a first for this iconic landmark.

Why are jobs at your local supermarket at risk?

A man has lost both his arms.


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