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David Flint

Calling him one of the smartest blokes in the world, Michael McLaren speaks with Professor David Flint on the issue of public postal votes. On the same-sex marriage postal survey, Mr Flint says “it wasn’t run with the integrity it should’ve been run with. There was no control over how you ensured that the forms came […]


Professor David Flint joins Warren to discuss the latest in the political debate about the burqa, and our citizenship laws.

30/08/2017 / 13:24

Professor David Flint joins Michael McLaren.

26/07/2017 / 15:38

Professor David Flint joins Michael McLaren

28/06/2017 / 15:05

Professor David Flint discusses the Finkel Review and the ongoing Chinese donations saga

14/06/2017 / 15:22

Donald Trump is the right leader at the right time, says David Flint.

07/06/2017 / 12:40

David Flint joins Michael McLaren

31/05/2017 / 11:34

Professor David Flint wages war on fake news and political correctness.

24/05/2017 / 13:05

Professor David Flint takes aim at the Republican Movement’s latest PR drive.

17/05/2017 / 10:22
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