‘You disgust me’: Listener defends Archbishop who protected paedophiles

Ray Hadley has sensationally smacked down a listener who’s defended an Archbishop guilty of covering up horrific child sex abuse.

Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson will be sentenced next month for protecting paedophiles within the Church, but Jim from Hunters Hill thinks the senior Catholic cleric needs defending.

“Your comments on Phillip Wilson are unhelpful,” he writes to Ray.

“Who really knows what happened 40 years ago? Someone said and did what? Relying on a 40-year-old memory is dangerous.”

Ray has unleashed on the insensitive listener for defending a man who protected serial sex predators.

“I can’t understand people like you who think the sexual abuse of children is okay because it happened 40 years ago. You disgust me.”

But it didn’t end there, with emailer Jim accusing Ray of “letting emotion cloud” his judgement.

“It shouldn’t have happened 40 years ago, it shouldn’t have happened 80 years ago, it shouldn’t be happening today, but it still does,” Ray says.

“The day we stop talking about it Jim is the day I won’t be here.”

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Ray was then contacted by a victim of a paedophile priest who was shielded by Archbishop Wilson at every opportunity.

“Wilson did everything he could to make life difficult for the detectives and the prosecutors from Wollongong in getting documents about (Father Kelvin) Sharkey.”

The victim was a young altar boy when he was assaulted in Wollongong and only developed the courage to come forward eight years ago.

Ray has vowed to continue being a voice for victims.

“That’s the sort of people I want to help, not people like you Jim.”

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