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Tony Abbott: Sam Dastyari will resign on Sunday

Tony Abbott tells Ray Hadley Labor insiders are conspiring to force Senator Sam Dastyari to quit politics.

The former Prime Minister believes the China affair is crippling Bill Shorten’s chances at taking the top job.

“Shorten has got to man up on this.

“One of the things that demonstrates you have what it takes to be the Prime Minister of our country is that you can take action against your own if need be.

“Bill Shorten is doing himself a lot of damage by his failure to man up on Sam Dastyari.

“Take it from me Ray, insiders in the Labor party have given up on him.

“They are doing a series of inside jobs on him now and my tip is, on the Sunday after the Bennelong by-election Sam Dastyari will resign.

“His blindness to reality is so great that it really is a¬†political character flaw.”

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Mr Abbott joined Ray in studio for their final weekly catch-up of the year and was surprised by Ray’s attire.

“Good to see you’re getting into the Christmas cheer by coming to work today in shorts.

“I put my suit on for the occasion because I figured this was special.

Ray explained himself though…

“Well I don’t want you to feel any less special… but it’s a standing order here for the last week, we pretend we’re on holidays by wearing casual gear.