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Tony Abbott reignites rivalry with Malcolm Turnbull

Tony Abbott talks with Michael McLaren saying he will reply to Malcolm Turnbull’s 30 Newspoll comments.

On Monday the current Prime Minister said he regrets referencing polls when he knifed Mr Abbott.

The former PM promises he will have his say on the matter, “I will reply to that down the track, I will very much reply to that.”

“Anything I say in response [today] will be misinterpreted and will be used against us in the context of the Bennelong by-election.”

Mr Abbott also went in on Kristina Keneally, labelling her a “poor premier”.

“She ran a government which was the worst government in NSW history.

“It was a stinking patronage machine.

“Those semi-corrupt deals, we don’t want that coming into Canberra.”

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