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Tony Abbott: Australia is prepared to offer asylum to persecuted Pakistani mum

First on 2GB with Ben Fordham

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says the Australian government is prepared to offer a persecuted Pakistani Christian mother asylum.

Asia Bibi spent eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy against Islam.

The mother-of-five was recently acquitted in the country’s supreme court, sparking major protests.

Asia has faced ongoing threats and her family fears attacks.

Several countries have offered her asylum and Mr Abbott says “of course” Australia should too.

“It was very disappointing to me that the British government, who you’d think would be the first Western government to take this matter on, squibbed it because of ridiculous concerns about what local Muslims might think,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“Of course Australia should be prepared to give Asia Bibi asylum.

“She’s precisely the sort of person who we should be ready to accept.”

The Member for Warringah tells Ben Fordham he’s spoken to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton about the matter.

“Peter says to me that we’ve made it clear that we’re prepared to offer her asylum.

“If I can make it even more clear through your program that the government stands ready to offer her asylum should she seek it with us, well, I’m pleased that that might be a little community service that I’ve been able to perform today.”

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First on 2GB with Ben Fordham