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Suffering from osteoarthritis? Biological treatments could be the answer

Macquarie Stem Cells

Image: Macquarie Stem Cells/Doctor Ralph Bright

Osteoarthritis affects one in 11 Australians every year, causing chronic pain, stiffness and restricted functions.

The degenerative condition impacts every aspect of life; social interactions, relationships and emotional well-being.

Using both biology and technology, Macquarie Stem Cells has been leading the charge in relieving Australians of their pain.

The clinic uses a light surgical procedure to treat osteoarthritis with biological injections.

Macquarie Stem Cells Physician Doctor Ralph Bright is the first practitioner in Australia to have treated osteoarthritis patients with this treatment and is a firm believer in the human body’s potential to heal itself.

“When you look at osteoarthritis, all the treatments we have to date destroy the joint, whereas this treatment works on trying to rebuild the joint,” Dr Bright says.

Established in 2009, Macquarie Stem Cells is the first medical clinic using biological treatments in Australia. So far, more than 1,000 patients have gone through their doors.

Treatments involve a surgical procedure and patients should seek a second opinion.

Macquarie Stem Cells is hosting a free educational seminar about biological therapies on Monday, August 13th at Westfield Bondi Junction.

To reserve your place, CLICK HERE or call 02 9824 3044


Macquarie Stem Cells