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Australia’s most popular talkback presenter, Alan Jones is a phenomenon. He’s described by many as the nation’s greatest orator and motivational speaker. Alan has the mind and capacity to make complex issues understandable to the largest Breakfast audience in Australia.



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Alan Jones has described the mismanagement of a Queensland dam as “a national scandal”. The Paradise Dam near Bundaberg opened in 2006 at a cost of $200 million, but a 2016 safety review found it was riddled with design and construction faults. Now, during the worst drought in living memory, 105,000 megalitres of dam water […]

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/ 01/03/2018

Listen to the Alan Jones full show podcast for Tuesday, November 19th

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Every Friday, Alan Jones recites a piece of poetry written by Australian bush poet Murray Hartin. Alan describes Murray as the modern Banjo Patterson, the Johnathan Thurston of bush poetry. The boy from Moree writes about today’s issues, from politics to drought and everyday affairs facing everyday Australians. Scroll down the page for each weekly […]

/ 19/10/2018
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Alan talks to the Wall Street Journal columnist about Donald Trump and the world political scene

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