The Big Guns torn over whether ISIS children should be brought home

The three orphaned children of ISIS fighter Khaled Sharrouf are begging to be let back in the country.

The three Australian children were taken to Syria by their mother in 2014.

They are now orphans, having lost both of their parents and two of their brothers.

Hoda Sharrouf, 16, says she’s worried about the health of her pregnant 17-year-old sister, and wants her eight-year-old brother to live a normal life.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he’s willing to let them come home but won’t put any Australian lives at risk to do so.

But some are criticising the decision, saying they don’t deserve to be let back in the country.

Political commentator Peta Credlin tells Ben Fordham she’s “really uncomfortable” with the idea of them being free in Australia.

“Let’s not put any effort into bringing these kids home.”

But former Labor senator Graham Richardson says Australia doesn’t have any choice but to bring them back.

“To leave them stateless, I just think it’s wrong. Children shouldn’t be left stateless.

“I think it’s dangerous, I don’t like it, but I think we’re stuck with it.”

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